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   Contact lens trial
A contact lens trial takes between 60 and 90 minutes
and involves:Initial discussion to determine the most suitable type of contact lenses for you to try. For example daily or monthly disposable lenses, gas permeable lenses, etc.
  • Examination to ensure the eyes are healthy and suitable to try contact lenses.
  • A trial pair of contact lenses inserted, followed by a 30 minute trial to get an idea of how the lenses feel and how the vision is with them.
  • Instruction on how to put the lenses in and take them out. We will only let you take the contact lenses home when you are confident with this.
  • Assessment after the 30 minute trial to refine the vision and ensure the lenses are fitting correctly.

If everything is ok, the trial pair of lenses can be taken away to try at home. A follow-up appointment (lasting about 20 minutes) is made after 1-2 weeks as a final check on the lenses to ensure no modifications are required before your own supply of contact lenses is ordered.