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  Eye examinations
An eye examination takes approximately 30 minutes and involves:
  • Introductory questions to determine if there are any visual symptoms or concerns you have about your eyes, or if there is a family history of any eye problems.
  • Initial assessment of vision by reading the letter chart.
  • Examination of the health of the eye.
  • Screening for glaucoma.
  • Calculation of your spectacle prescription using optical lenses. Don’t worry about this part of the test - a lot of patients are concerned they are giving ‘wrong’ answers. Rest assured there are no ‘wrong’ answers and the responses you give are double checked by the Optician, for example using the ‘red and green’ test chart.
  • Discussion and advice on suitable lenses for your prescription. For example varifocals, bifocals, thinner lenses, swimming goggles, etc. are all available.
  • Time to ask any questions you may have.

Read about our new camera, one of the first in the area, for screening glaucoma and macula degeneration.